Made with Love, Served with Gratitude

Located in the heart of downtown Northampton, Massachusetts, India House offers an array of authentic, succulent Indian dishes that will tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your cravings.

Family Owned & OperatedSince 1984

The Kanoujia family and India House staff warmly invite you to join us for an exceptional culinary adventure. Our renowned menu offers innovative recipes—expertly crafted with top quality ingredients, local produce, and fresh herbs. We believe that food should be nutritious and delicious, and that is what makes India House “the Spice of Life”. From traditional standbys to our own creative endeavors, you will discover something new every time you visit our warm and welcoming restaurant that always feels like home.

Our Menu

Our renowned menu offers innovative recipes, creatively prepared using favorite and surprising flavors, expertly crafted with top quality ingredients, local produce when possible, natural meats, and fresh herbs. All our sauces are made in-house using the freshest herbs and highest quality ingredients to ensure full-bodied flavor. All appetizers, breads, marinades and sauces are made fresh to ensure the quality control.

Cooking with Alka

Spice it up!
Learn unique recipes​ at Alka's cooking classes!

​Please call ​The Baker's Pin to book: 413-586-7978

We cater!

We Cater! Are you hosting an event or party soon and don't know what to put on the menu? Let India House come to you and treat your guests with tantalizing cuisine that will be sure to satisfy! Stop by or give us a call for more details: 413-586-6344


We are located at 45 State Street, Northampton Massachusetts.